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EP | Vanishing // with Crows Labyrinth [2024] // Ambient Music

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New EP by Perry Frank and Crows Labyrinth
Released on January 19, 2024

Train station at sunrise
Perry Frank | Crows Labyrinth || Vanishing EP

VANISHING is the new work by the Sardinian musician Francesco Perra, aka Perry Frank, written and produced in collaboration with the dutch musician Theo Tol, aka Crows Labyrinth published as an EP by Mare Nostrum, an ambient music label run by the french producer Le Code.

Vanishing features four instrumental Ambient tracks characterized by dreamy and meditative sounds created with bass and guitar and two amazing reworks by Le Code and Pulse Mandala.

The whole album was written and produced by the two musicians in the first part of 2023,

Perry and Theo worked separately in their own home studios and then mixed together all the tracks.

Daylight Sonata is an ambient soundscape based on a simple chord progression dressed by complex textures of guitar and bass layers,

Nostalgia features a guitar arpeggio recorded on an old cassette tape and then processed thru many effects like reverbs and delays to give an intense background code to the notes, everything is supported by a great work of bass frequencies.

Vanishing is a minor chord progression based song that gives to the listeners a melancholy feeling like something that is slowly disappearing.

The final song Twilight Ghosts is a slow guitar melody, processed thru the Boss Sy-1 pedal to recreate the synth sound, that moves and stands quiet on a deep bass arpeggio.

The two reworks by Le Code and Pulse Mandala close the tracklist of the EP giving a dreamy and haunting end to the whole work. Vanishing EP was mastered by Caleb Lilly, aka Tryptamine and it is available on all digital stores.

Perry Frank
Perry Frank
crows labyrinth
Crows Labyrinth

Info about Crows Labyrinth:

Crows Labyrinth is a Dutch ambient musician project that emerged in January 2013 with the release of his debut album, titled "Travels." Founded by Theo Tol, the project focuses on creating atmospheric soundscapes using a bass guitar as the main instrument. His inspiration comes from the ambient work of Robert Fripp and Steven Wilson's Bass Communion albums.

Crows Labyrinth has released several albums, EPs, and singles, both through prominent ambient labels like Valley View Records, Ambient Soundscapes, and Mare Nostrum, and through self-releases.

The project has also collaborated with other ambient musicians like Perry Frank, Human Is Alive, Pulse Mandala, Willebrant, and Somniacs, showcasing their dedication to expanding the boundaries of ambient music.

With his atmospheric soundscapes and experimental approach, Crows Labyrinth has garnered a loyal following of listeners seeking immersive and innovative ambient experiences. His music is often described as relaxing, meditative, and conducive to studying or background listening.


1.Daylight Sonata



4.Twilight Ghosts

5.Daylight Sonata [Le Code Rework]

6.Vanishing [Pulse Mandala Rework]

All songs written, performed and recorded by Perry Frank and Crows Labyrinth

Mastered by Caleb Lilly, aka Tryptamine

Perry Frank: guitars

Theo Tol: bass

Artwork pic: Perry Frank

Released and published by Mare Nostrum | France [January 2024]

Thanks for reading this post, see you soon on this blog.


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