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UK Tour 2023/2024 // Ambient Guitar Music Live Gigs

I was recently touring in England and Wales
and it's been an amazing experience!

Musicista che suona dal vivo
Perry Frank - Live At The Crofters Rights // Bristol UK

In the first part of the tour, in October 2023, during the release of my EP Nebel, I've performed in Bristol, Manchester (with Pavor Nocturnus and Victim Unit) and London. I took the plane from Cagliari (Sardinia) to land in Milan then another plane to land in Bristol on October 4th. It was my second time performing in UK, after January 2020 in London, more than three years ago, and I must admit that I was very excited to come back to this wonderful country. We arrived late at night at the hotel and then the next day we had some time to visit the city.

In the evening of October 5th I performed live at the Exchange together with Pavor Nocturnus and Noah Radley I was the second act of the show organized Richard and Linus of Sharp Noodle.

The full show was a blast! I really enjoyed playing my music there, it was just like a dream coming true, I was thinking: Wow! I'm performing live in UK, for the first time in Bristol, the city of Massive Attack and Portishead, that's amazing!

musician performing live ambient music
Perry Frank - Live At The Exchange // Bristol UK

Next morning we left early to reach our friends of Victim Unit (Denny and Lotta) near Manchester to prepare our show of October 8th at The Peer Hat.

During the days before the show, we stayed at Victim Unit's home and made some incredibly jams, I hope one day that music will be released as an album because I really enjoyed recording it. We visited Liverpool and saw some Beatles famous spots like their museum near the Cavern and the statue near the waterfront.

On October 8th we headed to Manchester and took advantage of the afternoon to visit the city's centre. We performed at The Peer Hat in the evening. It was great! I really enjoyed all the sets. It was a blast!

Musicista che suona dal vivo
Perry Frank - Live At The Peer Hat // Manchester UK

The road from Manchester to London is stunning, a full immersion in the english countryside full of wide green fields and trees. I arrived in London in the afternoon to perform at the New River Studios in the night. The event was called Skronktronic 53 managed by Rick Jensen, and it was a mini festival full of interesting and talented electronic musicians such as FLOMO and Kinga Janicka The third and last show of this tour was incredibly cool, I performed some of the new stuff I was working at in those days.


I came back in England in March 2024 for two gigs, Bristol and for my first ever concert in Wales, in the beautiful Cardigan.

We landed in London on March 14th and had a lovely walk from Piccadilly Circus to the Big Ben to enjoy the amazing view of the riverbank with the night city lights. Next morning we headed to Bristol to perform at the Crofters Rights, event promoted by the lovely guys of Sharp Noodle.

The lineup featured Tommy Creep and Marco Malasomma as opening acts before my set. I really love their show. Thanks to Gigsinmyphone's Channel I have a good part of my performance captured in a clip while on my Instagram page you can find some photos of the concert.

Next day we took the train from Bristol to Carmarthen, from England to Wales and then we headed to Cardigan, thru another incredibly stunning dive into the english and welsh landscapes, this time watching the scenic coast of Newport and Swansea. I really love railroads near oceansides. Just the time to have a walk in the beautiful Cardigan, this beautiful old medieval town, and then I performed at the Cellar, thanks to Steve for his kindness and welcome and Pete for his fine Gilmourish Stratocaster. It was wonderful to see people arriving from other cities just to see my show, it was very cool performing for the first time in Wales. I really appreciated it. I loved to talk about pedals and effects with such a lovely people after the concert. We rented a room at the Cardigan Castle to spend the night. Everything in that town is cool, I enjoyed so much Cardigan.

Musicista che suona dal vivo
Perry Frank - Live At The Cellar // Cardigan Wales UK

When the tour is over you come back home with a suitcase full of lovely memories of the cool people you've met, full of the wonderful places you've been, full of the great shows you've seen.

All this good things can inspire your music very much and increase a lot your knowledge. I really love to perform in UK and I hope to come back soon.

Thanks for reading this post, see you soon with other cool news!

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