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Ambient Guitar Music Spotify Playlists



Perry Frank Ambient Music

Ambient Music to study, sleep and relax your mind.

The right playlist when you need to calm down

Ambient Music  To Study and Relax
Perry Frank Ambient Music

Ambient Music
Experimental Drones


Ambient Drone Music with Guitar, Piano, Synth based textures in a more experimental mood

Ambient Music Experimental Drones
Perry Frank Reverie Album Artwork

Ambient Music


Ambient Music with reverberated space soundscapes to meditate and relax your mind

Ambient Soundscapes.jpg
Midnight Drones Playlist

Midnight Drones
Night Mood


Over 10 hours of Dark oriented Ambient Drone Music, the perfect soundtrack of your night

Midnight Drones.jpg
Night At Work Lofi Beats Music

Night At Work
Instrumental LoFi Beats Chill Music 


The finest calm and atmospheric electronic music, for background, working, studying, concentration, focusing, stress relief, etc.

Night at work.jpg
Sleep Music Playlist

Sleep Music
Dreams Mood


Music for sleeping and fly away thru the waves of your dreams.

The right playlist for the soundtrack of your sleep

Sleep Music
Perry Frank Ambient Music

LoFi Music
Instrumental Beats


Lo-Fi chill beats featuring lofi hip-hop, trip hop, vibes and ambient with beats from underground artists to study, relax and sleep.

Lofi Beats Playlist
Dream Pop Playlist

Dream Pop
Shoegaze Radar 


Best Dream Pop Shoegaze Releases on the planet Earth.

Lost in Translation,

lost in your thoughts

Dream Pop Shoegaze.jpg
Indie Rock Playlist

Indie Rock
Release Radar


Best New Indie Rock Releases on the planet Earth.

The right playlist to be tuned on all the brand new indie musicians.

Indie Rock Radar.jpg
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