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Perry Frank Ambient Music

Ph by Laura Serra

Perry Frank

  Perry Frank is an Ambient, Post-Rock, Acoustic and Psychedelic Music Project started in 2005, as a one man band, by the sardinian musician Francesco Perra.

He released six albums MUSIC TO DISAPPEAR (Idealmusik 2012), THE NEPTUNE SESSIONS (Clubland Records 2013), SOUNDSCAPE BOX 1 (Tranquillo Records 2014), REVERIE (Dynamo Tapes 2020), SELVASCAPES (Lauge, Valley View Records 2021) and NUIT ENSEMBLE (Valley View Records 2022)


During his career Perry collaborated with several artists like Chords of Orion, From Overseas, Antoine Michaud, PCM, Crows Labyrinth, Matteo Cantaluppi, Andrea Carri, Lauge, We Dream Of Eden, Spacecraft, Astropilot and Applefish.

In October 2014 Perry Frank started a project called AMBIENT GUITAR SESSIONS.

The sessions are filmed and recorded live in different outdoor and indoor scenic places.


In December 2018 he started LACANAS, a music research based on tape loops, an unique journey through Sardinian Folk Music combined with Ambient Music.

PCM (the band he founded with Matteo Cantaluppi and Matteo Milea) released three albums ATTRAVERSO (2019),

MACRO (2021) and DREAMLAND (2023) published by n5MD US based label.

Between 2018 and 2021 Perry Frank released several singles: ONEIROI, PLANET NINE, DECADES, TODAY IS LONG GONE and FUTURE IS A GHOST and a 3tracks EP called SANDSTONES.

From January 2021, Perry started to collaborate with Valley View Records and released one album,several singles and EPs: LANDFORMS, JANASNEBULA, EARTHSHINE and MOONRISE with SpacecraftMORNING VIEWSIBERIA with Astropilot and DREAMSCAPES with Brannan Lane.

From July 2023 Perry started to collaborate with Ambient Soundscapes label and released 3 EPs: OUTER SPACE with Unusual Cosmic Process (July 2023), NEBEL (October 2023) and WAKE UP, WE'RE DREAMING with Applefish (December 2023).

In 2024 he released two EPs VANISHINGwith Crows Labyrinth,  published by French label Mare Nostrum and SHORES OF SILENCE, with We Dream Of Eden, by VVR.

Ph by Laura Serra


The unique sound of Perry Frank is based on guitar, synth, tape loops and soundscapes that create imaginary and dreamy textures on which arpeggios and melodies move with a timeless and spaceless feeling.
Perry Frank's music is influenced by Basinski, Brian Eno, Boards of Canada, Fennesz, Tycho, Bonobo, Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd.




Sardinia, Italy


Ambient, Drone, Post-Rock

years active//


Perry Frank Live Concert Festival

Ph by Ernest Abentin




La musica di Perry Frank diventa, traccia dopo traccia, una vera esperienza di ascolto per un modo non banale di approccio alla musica ambient.

C’è da essere orgogliosi che Italia ci siano musicisti così.


Ci si può davvero perdere nei paesaggi astratti disegnati dalle lente pennellate dei synth di Perry Frank, che quasi sembrano colare mentre cambiano lentamente di forma e colore.


La sua musica ha la capacità di tracciare scenari sonori,  spazi visionari e  in questo lavoro riesce a creare dei brani fortemente cinematografici e documentaristici

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