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EP | Shores Of Silence // with We Dream Of Eden [2024] // Ambient Music

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New EP by Perry Frank and We Dream Of Eden
Released on March 1, 2024

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Perry Frank | We Dream Of Eden || Shores Of Silence EP

SHORES OF SILENCE is the new work by the Sardinian musician Francesco Perra, aka Perry Frank, written and produced in collaboration with the american musician Kirk Smith, aka We Dream Of Eden published as an EP by Valley View Records.

Vanishing features three instrumental Ambient Cinematic tracks characterized by tranquil and meditative sounds created with piano, synth and guitar and two amazing reworks by Applefish and Astropilot.

The whole album was written and produced by the two musicians in the first part of 2023,

Perry and Kirk worked separately in their own home studios and then mixed together all the tracks.

"Shores of Silence," is a sonic journey that transports listeners to tranquil landscapes where time seems to stand still. The delicate interplay between Perry Frank's lush soundscapes and We Dream of Eden's emotive compositions creates a harmonious blend of soundscapes that invite deep reflection and serenity. With "Shores of Silence," this dynamic duo has crafted an ambient masterpiece that resonates with a sense of stillness and the beauty found in moments of quiet contemplation.

Perry Frank Ambient Music
Perry Frank
musicista ambient
We Dream Of Eden

Info about We Dream Of Eden:

From the imagination of composer & producer Kirk Smith comes a project to make minimal yet uplifting ambient music. Combinations of the organic and imperfect sounds of real life blend with the precision and playfulness of modern technology. Ambient music for people seeking peace in a crazy beautiful world. This music creates a place to think, a place to breathe, a place to dream.


1.Shores Of Silence

2.Find Rest


4.Shores Of Silence [Applefish Rework]

5.Trust [Astropilot Rework]

All songs written, performed and recorded by Perry Frank and We Dream Of Eden

Mixed and mastered by Kirk Smith (We Dream Of Eden)

Perry Frank: guitars

Kirk Smith: piano and synth

Released and published by Valley View Records [March 2024]

Thanks for reading this post, see you soon on this blog.


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