Ambient Guitar Drone Music


Perry Frank Ambient Guitar Session

   Perry Frank started the Ambient Guitar Sessions in October 2014.

The project features live sessions of Ambient Music in different locations like scenic places, museums, gardens, recording studios, yoga lessons, balconies and verandas.

The main instrument is the guitar,  processed through various pedal effects and amplifiers.

On Perry's Youtube channel there are many tutorials in which he shows how to use all the ambient guitar pedals and effects during the outdoor sessions, how to record the music and how to play ambient chords.

Pedalboard and amplifiers in the first outdoor sessions were powered by a suitcase inverter generator, but about two years ago in order to avoid CO₂ emissions, Perry Frank decided to use only battery-powered equipment.

All the music is recorded live during the shooting of the videos and uploaded without any post-production in order that each session has the typical sounds of the place where it was recorded (sea waves, cicadas, birds, crickets, cars or simple background noise).

Ambient Guitar Sessions playlists on Youtube are divided into various categories depending on the location in which they are recorded (Museums, Recording Studios, Gardens, Panoramas, Yoga Lessons, Balconies and Verandas).


An ambient session is a moment captured in space and time.

All you can hear is exclusively live and belongs to that moment in time.

This is my way to create ambient music.

Silent Films Rescorings//

Perry Frank Live Nosferatu Rescoring Set

   During his career Perry Frank often rescored old silent films in his live performances.

The most performed rescoring is Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922), based on the old silent masterpiece by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau.

Perry Frank's way to create ambient music has many cinematic influences by composers like Ennio Morricone, Vangelis, Hans Zimmer,  Danny Elfman and Angelo Badalamenti.

Other rescoring sets are Le Voyage Dans La Lune - A Trip To The Moon (1902) and The Astronomer's Dream (1898) by  Georges Méliès.

These two soundtracks are available on Perry Frank's Bandcamp page.

Sonus Et Umbras De Sardigna//

Perry Frank - Lacanas

The tracks are created by slowing down traditional Sardinian Folk Music tape loops until they became drone sounds and processing them through distortions, echo and delay effects.

The rest of the arrangement features soundscapes created with the electric guitar and other pedal effects.

All the music is recorded on tape, with a multi-track cassette recorder and mixed live, filtered again by a different chain of effects in scenic locations of Sardinia.

The simple concept behind the Làcanas musical project is to "stop time" and create an original and deep tribute to Sardinia.

The main influences are basically two: traditional Sardinian Folk Music and ambient music with Fennesz and Basinski's mood.

The musical research that led to this project starts from the historical reality of Sardinian folk music to deconstruct it and combine these fragments in the dreamy and visionary territories typical of ambient music.

The result of this process is a sound that trascends time and space, a psychedelic glider that leads the listener across the landscapes of Sardinia thru a dreamlike flight between traditions and future.

Perry Frank - Lacanas Tape Loop