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Album | Nuit Ensemble [2022] // Ambient Music

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New album by Perry Frank.

OUT on 21 October 2022, published

by Valley View Records.

Nuit Ensemble Artwork
Perry Frank | Nuit Ensemble [Valley View Records 2022]

NUIT ENSEMBLE is Perry Frank's new solo album since 2020.

This album, written and recorded in the first months of 2022, features eight new unreleased tracks and two previously ones published as singles (Nuit and When We Collide).

Nuit Ensemble was written, recorded and produced by Perry Frank between January and June 2022.

The album features ten new tracks ranging from Ambient to Post-Rock music.

The album is scheduled for release on 21 October on all digital stores, published by the australian label, now guiding light of Ambient music, Valley View Records.

All tracks were written between January and June 2022 at HomeLand Studios in Iglesias, Sardinia except Nuit, released as a single and part of Sleep Cycle II compilation, published by Valley View Records in March 2022 and When We Collide which is released as a single on 9 September 2022.

The album features three collaborations with artists like Matt Tondut (When We Collide), Lauge (Agave) and Spacecraft (Dreams Fade Away) who belong to the roster of Valley View Records.

The basic idea of this new work started from Nuit, fully created with tape loops.

It can be said that all the album was written all around that track.

The title NUIT ENSEMBLE (a play on words that combines two french words) directly recalls the song.

Every track of the album starts from a tape loop and then evolves with guitar and synth textures, layered on each others.

The whole album features nocturnal and dreamy guitar soundscapes which float on the tape loops until they become unrecognizable drone sounds, almost incorporeal, just like dreams.

The album starts with Disappear, a rarefied and light drone, which soon leaves room to the second track End Of The Rainbow, inspired by the concept of life after death.

The whole second part of the track is nothing but the same track played backwards, to represent a sort of eternal return.

Moon Orchestra, the third song, is the most symbolic track of the album especially regarding the recording technique. In fact it's totally based on cassette tape loops following each others sustained by guitar drones and soundscapes.

The song was written and recorded in darkness at nighttime, with only moonbeams as light coming from the window, to paint a tipically nocturnal and unreal landscape.

Isolation, was originally written on Korg Volca Keys, in fact a first version of the track is available in one of the Volca Sessions released by Perry Frank on his YouTube channel in late spring 2022.

Then the track was developed and played with guitar on the 50th Ambient Guitar Session recorded at the Ex Nato Military Base on the Limbara Mountain in Sardinia and has an inner message of peace, against all wars.

The version on the album is a mix of the two arrangiements and starts from a tape loop processed thru many pedal effects to become a background drone.

Dreams Fade Away is a collaboration between Perry Frank and Spacecraft, a great indian sound designer and ambient musician. The two musicians, friends and co-workers since 2021, have already released together a single (Earthshine 2021) and an EP (Moonrise 2022), both published by Valley View Records.

When We Collide opens the second part of the album, changing the mood from dreamy to nostalgic and gloomy.

The song, written by Perry Frank together with Matt Tondut, one of the best known australian ambient musicians and founder of Valley View Records, has a slow and melancholic tempo. It features a guitar loop recorded on tape and paired with several synths and guitar soundscapes.

The track is the opening single of the album, released on 9 September on all digital stores.

The two following songs Renoir and Oblivion, continues in the same mood of the second part, but while the first track has a slow sad tempo, the second one is a drone that just like Disappear features many cloudy textures that seems to shine matt in the night.

Agave is the third collaboration of the album, in fact the track was written and recorded together with Lauge, the very talented danish ambient musician who already collaborated with Perry Frank on the 2021 album Selvascapes.

Nuit is the closing track of the album with its nocturnal sonorities, to take the listener to a lucid dream that has no end.

The hypnotic loop that stands in background during all the track, made with a tape cassette, takes you to a dreamlike floating landscape, soothed by several guitar and synth textures.

The song has already been released as a single and featured on Sleep Cycle II compilation, published by Valley View Records in March 2022, and is available as videoclip on Perry Frank's channel.







5.DREAMS FADE AWAY (Feat. Spacecraft)

6.WHEN WE COLLIDE (Feat. Matt Tondut)



9.AGAVE (Feat. Lauge)




Recorded at HomeLand Studios - Iglesias (Sardinia - Italy)

between January and June 2022

Perry Frank: Guitars, Synth, Keyboards, Tape Loops

Spacecraft: Synth

Matt Tondut: Synth and Mix

Lauge: Synth and Keyboards

All music written by Perry Frank except:

Dreams Fade Away (written by Perry Frank and Spacecraft)

When We Collide (written by Perry Frank and Matt Tondut)

Agave (written by Perry Frank and Lauge)

Mixed by Perry Frank

When We Collide mixed by Matt Tondut

Mastered by: Benjamin Lincoln (Middle Mastering)

Artwork Pictures by: Laura Serra

Artwork by: Clayton Popa


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