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Album | Reverie [2020]

Aggiornamento: 6 apr 2023

About the Album

Reverie is Perry Frank's return to album format almost six years after his last work Soundscape Box 1 (October 2014)

Front cover of Reverie by Perry Frank
Perry Frank - Reverie [Artwork]

The album has been released by Dynamo Tapes, an american indipendent label based in New York City.

The title of the album, Reverie, is a word of French origin that is used both in musical and literary fields to represent the condition of the people who indulge in daydreaming and daydreams.

Perry Frank performing Ambient Guitar Session XXIX recorded live in Buggerru - Sardinia
[Ambient Guitar Session XXIX - recorded in Buggerru - Sardinia

Reverie was written between 2015 and 2020. During this period Francesco Perra created the Ambient Guitar Sessions, musical improvisations recorded and filmed in different landscape contexts (panoramas, museums, yoga sessions, balconies, gardens) and edited as a video clip on the official Youtube channel.

Perry Frank's Youtube channel has over 2.000.000 views and over 14.000 subscribers by now.

Tracks like Abstractions, One Minute of Rest and Reveal The Void, featured in the album, were born during the Ambient Guitar Sessions.

The single Oneiroi, released in September 2018 as a videoclip and digital download track, also belongs to the sessions of Reverie's album.

The album features in the track DayDream, a collaboration with the italian-american, music designer and composer Emiliano Melis, member of Echo of the Ghost.

Reverie's Artwork photoshoot - Ambient Drone Music
Perry Frank - Reverie's Artwork photoshoot - 2020

Reverie is a concept album in which the protagonist, a man without identity, lies down in a wheat field, during a hot summer day. He closes his eyes and dreams about his life.

Actually he laid down just one minute, but that minute becomes eternal in his mind (One Minute of Rest).

As he lies on the grass of the field (Field) and dreams about his past memories, situations and regrets (Abstractions), life around him flows and keep going on as if he does not exist (Sunlight).

He starts dreaming of a different life, as if at every crossroads he has come across during his existence, he had chosen the path that actually he did not choose (DayDream).

He realizes, looking at the sky above the field, of the endless emptiness inside and outside of his world (Reveal The Void).

But he doesn't understand if his own life actually existed or if it's all just a one-minute dream.

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