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EP | Nebel [2023] // Ambient Guitar Music

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New EP by Perry Frank
Released on October 20,2023 by
Ambient Soundscapes //
Sublabel of Valley View Records
foreste nebbia e montagne
Perry Frank // Nebel EP // Artwork

NEBEL is the new ambient guitar music work by the Sardinian musician Francesco Perra, aka Perry Frank, published as an EP by Ambient Soundscapes, sub label of Valley View Records.

Nebel features four unreleased instrumental Ambient tracks and a rework by Low Profile, characterized by guitar and piano textures developing into imaginary and dreamy atmospheres drones and soundscapes. All the songs were written in December 2022, taking inspirations from the misty morning walks Perry used to have in that period. All tracks has been featured in the live performances since the summer of 2021.

Nebel is a classic Ambient song characterized by a background piano drone that starts bright and then develops into two guitar chords and finally returns to the sounds of the beginning.

One Step Closer is a guitar and synth drone that develops slowly to a string arrangement to give the feeling of something that will never come.

Perry Frank live music
Perry Frank performing at LEM Festival // Barcelona // Ph by Ernest Abentin

Embers drags the listener into a restless territory surrounded by warm lofi glitchy sounds that soon leave space to guitar and piano textures and accompanies to the final track Curtain Falls, which is the ideal closing act of the work, spreading into a chords progression designed by guitars and piano misty atmospheres to leave in a more melancholy way.

The listener is accompanied on a sonic misty trip created by guitars and piano textures which, processed through a series of effects and rendered almost similar to a synth carpet, becomes practically unrecognizable to design a foggy winter morning like the EP artwork's landscape.

Nebel, the work's title, is a german words that means fog.



2.One Step Closer


4,Curtain Falls

5.Curtain Falls (Low Profile Rework)

All songs written, performed and recorded by Perry Frank

All songs recorded at HomeLand Studios | Iglesias - Italy

Mastered by Vincent Villuis aka AES DANA | Ultimae Studios | France

Perry Frank: guitars, piano, synth, keyboards, sound and visions

Released and published by Ambient Soundscapes | Valley View Records | [October 2023]

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