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EP | Moonrise // with Spacecraft [2022]

Aggiornamento: 23 ott 2022

New EP by Perry Frank and Spacecraft
Released on May 6 ,2022 by
Valley View Records

MOONRISE is the new work by the Sardinian musician Francesco Perra, aka Perry Frank, written and produced in collaboration with the indian musician Rishi Bhatia, aka Spacecraft, published as an EP by the Australian label Valley View Records.

Moonrise features four instrumental Ambient tracks characterized by synth textures and guitar soundscapes that create an infinite dreamy space feeling.

Earthshine, the opening track was published as a single in the summer of 2021, and then included in this new work, because it has the same mood and sonorities. The other three songs were written between November and Dicember of 2021 and mastered by Benjamin Lincoln at Middle Mastering Studios.

Moonrise, Spheres and Satellitles were written and produced by the two musicians after the good feedback of their first collaboration track Earthshine (over 200k streams only on Spotify) and trying to recreate some kind of moonish sound.

The whole EP is available on all digital stores.

All songs written, performed and recorded by Perry Frank (Sardinia) and Spacecraft (India)

Mastered by Benjamin Lincoln | Middle Mastering Studio | Bath | UK

Perry Frank: guitars Spacecraft: synths and keyboards

Artwork: Clayton Popa

Released and published by Valley View Records | Australia [May 2022] Thanks for reading this post, see you soon on this blog.


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