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Ambient Guitar Sessions | Introduction

Aggiornamento: 19 giu 2021

Music and Colors of Sardinia

An ambient session is a moment captured in space and time.

When the idea of the sessions came to my mind first, I imagined them like a mini live concert inspired directly by the location where it takes place.

Unfortunately in Sardinia there are few venues suitable to Ambient Music, because people usually listen to other genres like blues or reggae, so if you want to play this music here there are only two ways, the first is to leave this island and go where people can appreciate it or stay here and find a good idea to promote your project.

Perry Frank Ambient Guitar Giants Grave Is Concias
Ambient Guitar XXXVII - Museum #4 [Tomba dei Giganti Is Concias]

Ambient musicians on youtube always perform indoor in studios or rooms, then I thought that the only way to be different was to perform my music outdoor.

Sardinia has probably the most beautiful scenic places in Europe, all I had to do was to buy cameras, instruments and gear to perform outdoor.

Perry Frank Ambient Guitar Session Giants grave Mura Cuada
Ambient Guitar XL - Museum #5 [Tomba dei Giganti Mura Cuada]

I've started the Ambient Guitar Sessions project in 2014, and during all these years I've recorded in several sardinian locations like Studios, Museums, scenic places, archeological sites, balconies, abandoned places, private gardens and yoga lessons.

Perry Frank Ambient Guitar Funtanazza Colonia Sardinia
Ambient Guitar XLVI - Landscape #19 [Colonia Funtanazza | Arbus]

Another main aspect of the project is the environmental sustainability of the performance, expecially the ones recorded in scenic places.

To get this purpose pedalboard and amplifiers are all battery-powered in such a way that there are no CO₂ emissions in the atmosphere.

Every sound you will hear belongs to that moment in space and time.

This is the idea behind the Ambient Guitar Sessions project.

In the next posts I will write about the pedals and amps I'm using, and a good way to power all the gear outdoor.


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