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Làcanas | Project

Aggiornamento: 23 ott 2022

Sonus Et Umbras De Sardigna

The simple concept behind the Làcanas musical project is to "stop time" and create an original and deep tribute to Sardinia.

The main influences are basically two: traditional Sardinian Folk Music and ambient music with Fennesz and Basinski's mood.

The musical research that led to this project starts from the historical reality of Sardinian folk music to deconstruct it and combine these fragments in the dreamy and visionary territories typical of ambient music.

Làcanas | Su Ballu Sardu | Landscape of Pan Di Zucchero
[Làcanas | Su Ballu Sardu | Second Session]

The opening scene is a typical village festival in which the people dressed in traditional clothes dance "su ballu sardu" accompanied by the accordion and by launeddas.

Try to Imagine yourself getting lost in those ancient steps, try to think about them getting slower, more and more unreal and dreamy, until they overlap, merge with each other and stop in a second that becomes eternal.

Imagine that folk music slowing down to a single note and diving into echoes and reverberations of time.

This is the basic concept behind Làcanas project

The result of this process is a sound that trascends time and space, a psychedelic glider that leads the listener across the landscapes of Sardinia thru a dreamlike flight between traditions and future.

The tracks are created by slowing down traditional Sardinian Folk music of 400% and processing it through distortions, echo and delay effects inspired by the style of Fennesz, one of my main favorite musicians.

The rest of the arrangement features ambient guitar soundscapes with influences of Basinski and Brian Eno.

The Sessions are recorded on cassette tapes, with a multitrack recorder, and are mixed live, processed again through a different chain of effects in scenic locations of Sardinia.

The performances are filmed by a fixed camera completely immersed in the Sardinian landscape.

Tape Cassette Walkman Loops Music
[Làcanas | Tape Cassette Loops]

Làcanas project features four tracks, for a total length of about 45 minutes: a performance of "Su Passu Torrau", "Su Ballu Tundu", a rework of Luigi Lai's launeddas combined with the traditional piece “Procurade 'e Moderare” and a personal re-reading of “No potho reposare” performed in the original version by the Nuoro's Choir.

Perry Frank live performance sound design
[Perry Frank | Làcanas | Live at Iklectic - London]

Ambient Church Live Set Làcanas
[Perry Frank | Làcanas | Live At Santa Chiara's Church - Cagliari]

At the moment the project is available exclusively on Youtube in the form of videoclips.

I will probably release the whole work in an album in the future, but at this time I don't know when or how although I've performed the project live in many venues like Cagliari, Milano and London.

The four Sessions were released between December 2018 and February 2019 and are available on Perry Frank's Youtube channel.

Thank you for reading these words, see you in the next post.


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