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EP | Wake Up, We'Re Dreaming // with Applefish [2023] // Ambient Music

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New EP by Perry Frank and Applefish
Released on December 1, 2023
by Ambient Soundscapes  Sublabel of Valley View Records

ghosts walking hand by hand in the dawn light
Perry Frank | Applefish || Wake Up, We'Re Dreaming EP

WAKE UP, WE'RE DREAMING is the new ambient music work by the Sardinian musician Francesco Perra, aka Perry Frank, written and produced in collaboration with the english musician Nik Davies, aka Applefish published as an EP by Ambient Soundscapes, sub label of Valley View Records focused on drone music.

Wake Up, We'Re Dreaming features four instrumental Ambient song with Post-Rock influences and two reworks by Lauge and Antarctic Wasteland.

The whole album was written and produced by the two musicians between January and April 2023,

Perry and Nik worked separately in their own home studios and then mixed together all the tracks.

Wake Up, We'Re Dreaming EP was mastered by Vincent Villuis aka Aes Dana at Ultimae Studios in France.

This new EP features more Post-Rock influences than any other recently Perry Frank works, focused mainly on ambient drone tones. The starting scenario of the EP is dawn time.

Imagine yourself at the end of the night, watching the first dawn lights in a lonely and empty street.

The title track Wake Up, We'Re Dreaming, is based on epic and slow piano chords that opens the door to the illusory realm of guitar soundscapes representing the last dreams we have right before we wake up, the only ones we probably remember during the first part of the day.

The second song, I Saw Your Shadow Dancing In The Golden Light Of Dawn, the longest title the two musicians ever released, starts in a gentle dreamy way with slow melancholy chords that soon leave space to the guitar soundscapes.

It's like a memory that appears in the last dream of the sleep, one of those dreams that you can't even figure out if they're real or illusions.

Misty Walk and Waves represent two different moments of early morning, when often mist wraps the landscapes with its soft mantle of imaginary mellowness.

The two reworks by Lauge and Antarctic Wastelands close the EP giving a new and original look to th first two tracks.



1.Wake Up, We'Re Dreaming

2.I Saw Your Shadow Dancing In The Golden Light Of Dawn

3.Misty Walk


5.Wake Up, We'Re Dreaming (Lauge Grey Skies Rework)

6.I Saw Your Shadow Dancing In The Golden Light Of Dawn (Antarctic Wasteland Rework)

All songs written, performed and recorded by Perry Frank and Applefish

Mastered by Vincent Villuis aka AES DANA | Ultimae Studios | France

Perry Frank: guitars and soundscapes

Nik Davies: piano, synth and textures

Released and published by Ambient Soundscapes | Valley View Records | [October 2023]

Thanks for reading this post, see you soon on this blog.


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